Successfully Negotiating For A Raise

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In today s still unstable job market, it may seem even more .
cna salary

than ever to . for a salary . Read this post that references About CNA. however, that while many .

cna salary

have been running leIn today s still unstable job market, it may seem even more challenging than ever to successfully negotiate for a salary increase. Remember, however, that while many organizations have been running lean and many managers and their teams have been forced to do more with less for a long time now, savvy organizations are beginning to focus on retention efforts for when the expected upturn in the economy does occur. This means that there will be a concerted effort to hold onto their key talent.The important thing to remember when asking for a raise is to be prepared. The best approach is to plan very carefully for any objections you might encounter, so if you go in from a position of strength and confidence and make up your mind that no matter what, you won t come backed empty-handed, the fear of being told no will be eliminated.In this spirit, here are four tips for successfully negotiating for a raise: Identify three of your strongest accomplishments within the organization or areas in which you took on extra responsibility. State clearly, I would like a raise of which will then open negotiations. Keep in mind, however, that it is not a good idea to suggest a raise without knowing the salary range for your position, industry and level of experience. Do your homework and be aware of your company s policy on raises before you begin. Practice with someone else.

Having someone play the devil s advocate will prepare you to think on your feet and anticipate any objections you might encounter so you can have your responses prepared. For example, if you are told that the company can t afford to give out any raises at that time you might point out ways that you already have or plan to save the organization money and then ask when you can expect the raise freeze to thaw. If you are still turned down, ask how you might improve in asking for a raise in the future. This ensures that even if you are turned down the first time, you are still gaining from having made the request. Remember that there are other forms of compensation other than money that can be negotiated for. Look into other options like flex time, career development, coaching and educational opportunities, which can further your career and increase your future contribution to your organization.

Some things to avoid include acting entitled to the raise before making your case and threatening to quit unless that is truly your intention threats usually backfire and it is much smarter to come from a position of strength and honesty when negotiating.

Phd Salary Report

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Enrolling for a PhD degree is a laborious job but completing the thesis is a real tough one.

If you are thinking about obtaining a PhD then you will probably want to know how much money you could stand to make by investing the time and money that it takes to become one. If you don t then you probably aren t going to make it very far as a PhD. As they say if you don t know where you are going then your lost.The 2007 Average Starting Salaries in the US by Degree are:-Bachelors: $59,391-Masters: $73,939-Doctoral: $86,183The 2007 Average Salaries for PhDs by Job Listed in Ascending order:-Assistant Professor, Postsecondary / Higher Education: Description: Any Assistant Professor at a University. Also includes assistant lecturers and speakers.Average Salary is $55,793-Professor, Postsecondary / Higher Education:Description: A Professor at a University or College.
how to become a CNA

how to become a CNA

Also includes lecturers and speakers.Average Salary is $78,306-Research Scientist, Biotechnology: Description: Jobs include Biochemists.cna salary Biochemists study the chemical composition and processes of living things. A biochemist studies many from the reaction of food and drugs on living organisms and tissue to the reasons for human growth and aging.

Average Salary is $82,222-Materials Scientist:Description: These are people at the for front of science when it comes to plastics, polymers, rubbers, metals, alloys and even glass and paper. PhDs in this field work on developing new materials with specific properties for use with specific applications.Average Salary is $83,690-Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer:Description: Jobs include programmers and coding managers. Works as an individual or on a team who write, debug and deliver software programs.Average Salary is $97,883-Computer and Information Scientist, Research:Description: These are the inventors of the computer world. PhDs in this field solve and develop solutions to issues in regards to computer hardware and software.Average Salary is $105,714As you can see if you are considering going for your PhD the computer industry is still the most well paid industry group in this class of education. More and more people in future generations are heading in the direction of computer programmer or CIS professional. The field at this point has managed to easily absorb the inflow of new-interested students and find jobs for new employees with higher education. In the future if things continue down this road it may become a very competitive industry where only the best of the best survive to work another day. This post about cna salary is worth reading. For now majoring and going for a post graduate degree in something computer related is probably your best shot for a well-paid and prosperous future.

Alternative Metals And Younger Customers Help Businesses Survive Recession

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One of the more resilient industries after the economic crisis began is the jewelry industry. Because it is considered a luxury, many people had low expectation on how jewelry businesses will fair when the recession took its toll but the industry surprised everyone due to its staying power.The economy has a great influence when itcomes to consumer behavior. Due to the global recession, businesses across allindustries had to get innovative whether it is the product they sell or thecustomers they target. One of the more resilient industries afterthe economic crisis began is the jewelry industry.

Because it is considered aluxury, many people had low expectation on how jewelry businesses will fairwhen the recession took its toll but the industry surprised everyone due to itsstaying power. High end retailers started offeringalternative metal jewelry like titanium, tungsten carbide and stainless steeljewelry to soften the blow of the recession. By giving inexpensive options,retailers provided their customers luxury even in hard economic times.Alternative metal jewelry also opened many businesses to other consumer marketsin the form of younger people. According to research, many people developbrand loyalty during their teenage years that can last up to adulthood. Becauseof this, targeting the youth as a market can be very rewarding to a jewelrybusiness. Click through to this post about Repossessed car auctions. Teenagers have control not just to the products that they buy but canalso influence their parents’ purchases. As of the moment, alternative metals likestainless steel jewelry have great appeal to the young market. Due to theirlimited spending power, stainless steel jewelry got the attention of youngercustomers because of its affordable price and good quality. Also, jewelryretailers must not forget that it is natural for customers to buy up in timeand tapping the youth as a target market by offering inexpensive products canhave profitable results for years to come.
Repossessed Cars To Tide Over Economic Slump-Industry Trending
These products introduce thebusiness brand to these customers, who usually tend to buy up as their socialor economic status improves.

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The resilience of the industry can beconnected to how entrepreneurs have innovated and became flexible on how theydo their business.
Repossessed Cars To Tide Over Economic Slump-Industry Trending

Not being afraid of exploring other facets of the businessgave jewelers the ability to adapt and survive. Jewelers began offering freshand innovative products in affordable price point and expand their consumermarkets which appeared to be a great strategy to recession-proof theirbusinesses.

Lpn Colleges For Nursing Education Training In Louisiana

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Certified LPN training schools in Louisiana give you the occasion to have a better occupation where the pay is very good. A certified nursing assistant can receive an average annual salary of $20,000 to $36,000. That is just an average figure because there are many chances for you to get a higher salary than the average if you pursue higher education. You can also expect a raise in your salary as you acquire more years of experience on the job. This may not be a high salary compared to that of a doctor’s but it sure is better than the salary that you get for working in a superstore, laundry, fast food and other odd jobs. The duration of nursing training varies from 9 months to 18 months. However there are some schools offering the fast track preparation. You will become a Licensed Practical Nurse in much less time. It is recommended that before start taking classes in any of these schools, you need to ensure school official approval with the Board of Nursing. LPN training program requires the high school diploma or equivalent (GED) in order to get admission.

Some colleges have specific requirements for this course as well. There are many educational options obtainable for students if they are planning to study for certification as a nursing assistant. One of the options for students is to take online CNA classes in Louisiana. Some of your nursing assistant education can be finished online. When you are searching online nursing assistant courses, you need to find courses that get ready you for certification.

cna salary

The course must state that completion will make you eligible to sit for a certification exam. This post about how to become a CNA is worth reading. Students can take Louisiana online LPN classes previous to entering a program to organize them for the skills they will need to know. A first aid and CPR course can help them succeed in a program. Certificate programs vary a little from college to college but the general schooling requirements are pretty standard. Programs will range from six to twelve weeks and include coursework on medical terminology, pharmacology, acute care, home aid, and more. Patients in a variety of medical facilities have daily interaction with LPN experts. In most instances patients and assistants build a strong companionship due to the stable contact. Learning how to achieve job duties can be done through online nursing assistant training programs. Online LPN training courses in Louisiana teach students initial concepts and procedures in areas they will directly work in. A certified nursing assistant course explores issues that relate to the daily activities a working professional will complete in their day-to-day work duties. A nursing assistant essentially performs the duty of giving care to different people. The duties which are performed by the nursing assistant includes toileting, bathing, feeding, reassuring, mentoring and dressing people who have been disadvantaged of doing it themselves. With an increase of such people in the society, there is a high need of health care providers which are also known as nursing assistants.
cna salary
There are some distance learning program that teach organize learners for a career as a nursing aide but not a certified aide. It is important to know the difference.

In LPN training course in Louisiana students learn the following things, almost all what you need to be a certified nurse. The aspects comprise: Personal hygiene of patients, care of adults, care of disabled personnel, basic checkups of patients, ensure patients safety, how to console patients, supervising patients, preventing injuries, averting diseases and the necessary documentation.

2012 – Basic Tools You Need To Survive 2012

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After the global catastrophe in 2012, anyone who survived will need some special skills and specific tools which people in our time don’t usually possess.We are talking here about killing devices to hunt and to protect yourself. When the electricity and all current technologies are gone, people will need to use some primitive techniques to survive.KILLING DEVICESThere are several killing devices that you can construct to help you obtain small game to help you survive.The rabbit stick, the spear, the bow and arrow, and the sling are such devices.RABBIT STICKOne of the simplest and most effective killing devices is a stout stick as long as your arm, from fingertip to shoulder, called a “rabbit stick.

wakacje pro

” You can throw it either overhand or sidearm and with considerable force. It is best thrown so that it flies sideways, increasing the chance of hitting the target. It is very effective against small game that stops and freezes as a defense. SPEARYou can make a spear to kill small game and to fish. Jab with the spear; do not throw it.BOW AND ARROWYou can construct a suitable short-term bow fairly easily. When it loses its spring or breaks, you can replace it. Select a hardwood stick about 1 meter (3 feet) long that is free of knots or limbs. Carefully scrape the large end down until it has the same pull as the small end.

Careful examination will show the natural curve of the stick. Always scrape from the side that faces you, or the bow will break the first time you pull it. Dead, dry wood is preferable to green wood. To increase the pull, lash a second bow to the first, front to front, forming an “X” when viewed from the side. Attach the tips of the bows with cordage and only use a bowstring on one bow. Select arrows from the straightest dry sticks available. The arrows should be about half as long as the bow. Scrape each shaft smooth all around. You will probably have to straighten the shaft.

You can bend an arrow straight by heating the shaft over hot coals. Do not allow the shaft to scorch or burn. Hold the shaft straight until it cools. You can make arrowheads from bone, glass, metal, or pieces of rock. You can also sharpen and fire-harden the end of the shaft. Fire hardening is actually a misnomer.

To fire-harden wood, hold it over hot coals or plunge it deep under the coals in the ashes, being careful not to burn or scorch the wood. Check out this post that references wakacje pro. The purpose of fire hardening is to harden the wood by drying the moisture out of it. You must notch the ends of the arrows for the bowstring.Cut or file the notch; do not split it. Fletching (adding feathers to the notched end of an arrow) improves the arrow’s flight characteristics. Fletching is recommended but not necessary on a field-expedient arrow.SLINGYou can make a sling by tying two pieces of cordage, each about 60 centimeters (24 inches) long, at opposite ends of a palmsized piece of leather or cloth. Place a rock in the cloth and wrap one cord around your middle finger and hold in your palm. Hold the other cord between your forefinger and thumb. To throw the rock, spin the sling several times in a circle and release the cord between your thumb and forefinger. Practice to gain proficiency.The sling is very effective weapon to survive against small game.In order to survive the real world after the 2012 events, it is clear that we need to make sure we have those tools to protect ourselves and to hunt for food. Surely this is quite an adaptation for the majority of us, yet not a luxury nor an option if we want to stand a chance. Pick your equipment well and learn the skills to use them and make new ones when necessary!TAGS : 2012, how to survive 2012, survival tools, survival equipment Article Tags: Survive 2012, Killing Devices, Small Game.

How To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant In Oklahoma

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Read important information and tips on becoming a certified nursing assistant in Oklahoma. Want more details on how to become a CNA? The Department of Health in the State of Oklahoma regulates the training programs for CNAs. The program is composed of basic nursing care that generally includes personal care and hygiene of patients, vital sign monitoring, nutrition and mobility exercises, among others. The CNA training in Oklahoma is specifically designed to get the nursing assistants properly trained to perform safely certain clinical skills.

cna salary

They are required to have the state certification to qualify for work in a long-term care facility.
cna salary

Requirements To be admitted in a certified nursing assistant program in Oklahoma, you need to comply with the following prerequisites: All applicants must at least have a high school diploma, or equivalent They must undergo a thorough background check. This can be obtain from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Criminal History Show a proof of immunization, or a medical certificate of a TB skin test that must be taken within 6 months Applicants must pass the reading assessment test to become eligible for the CNA training program.

About CNA

CNA Training in Oklahoma CNA students must enroll in a state-approved CNA school, and must complete a minimum of 70 hours of classroom and clinical training. The CNA coursework typically includes the fundamentals of nursing care such as patient personal care, emergency response procedure, and infection control, among many others. The CNA classes will aid the students to be sufficiently prepared for the CNA examination, and most especially to their roles and responsibilities when they are working in the field. They will be exposes in various health care settings such as clinics, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes or long-term care facilities. CNA examination in Oklahoma Once you have completed the formal education for a CNA Oklahoma, you will be qualified to sit down for the CNA competency exam and get your certification if you pass.

The test is composed of both written and manual exams. If you get the passing grade, you will become a certified nursing assistant and can work in any health care facilities in Oklahoma State.

Link below are the keywords of the website Certified Nursing Assistant HQ and you can also get more information about CNA.

10 Reasons To Become A Nurse Now

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Nurses have been around as long as people have, look in any history book and you will see that nurses have been on the front lines helping people throughout the centuries. If this important and everlasting job is a career that you have thought about going in to there has never been a better time. Here are 10 reasons why you should become a nurse now. 1- Rising Demand for Nurses. It is projected that over a 10 year span we will need more than 20% more nurses than we have working now. This means that job placement and job security should be much more stable and steady than many of the other professions out there. 2- Nursing Location Options. There are many types of nurse out there and you have the ability to choose what type of nurse you would like to be.

Your choices can range from: being an ER nurse where you are helping in times of crises, to being a doctors personal nurse where you are working side by side with a specific doctor, to being a nurse in a retirement center, where you are helping patients through their last years of life, to being a home help nurse where you are able to work in the home of someone who needs constant medical care but doesn’t require the need to be in a hospital or facility. 3- Higher Pay. Nurses get paid more than other medical personnel, excluding doctors and specialists.
how to become a CNA
With a higher starting salary and the ability to move up in the facility where you work you can feel confident that you are choosing a financially beneficial and stable career. 4- Education Growth.

With the demand for education on the rise, nurses are being offered tuition reimbursements and other options to further their education. This will help raise the standards on the nursing community and give those with a higher education more opportunities in the nursing field. Click here for more information about About CNA. 5- Flexible Schedules. Since there is no 9-5 when it comes to nursing it gives you the option to have a more flexible schedule. Some nurses work weekdays, some weekends, some a few times a month and many a combination. You also have the option to work night shifts or day shifts. This can be a great benefit to parent’s out there who are trying to juggle career and family. 6- Well Respected Career. Nurses all over the world are respected and revered for their knowledge and their ability when it comes to helping people medically, physically and emotionally.

cna salary

7- Nursing Technology. Like all technology, the technology in the nursing field is growing by leaps and bounds. Giving our nurses now and our future nurses a huge advantage when it comes to patient care and knowledge in the field. 8- Specialization. Nurses have the luxury of specializing in a field that they love. This gives them the option to work where they want to work and to be able to do exactly what they want. Being specialized can also increase your pay in some situations. 9- Benefits.

how to become a CNA

Those who work in the medical field are quite often able to receive good medical benefits for themselves and their families. 10- The Love. Being able to spend your days and your time helping people is a fulfilling and wonderful way to spend your career and your life. Those of you who are considering going into nursing as a career, the timing has never been better and the benefits have never been higher than they are right now.

Financial Freedom Roadmap The Final 2 Hidden Destinations Revealed 5 Minute Formula

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Well, if your goal is to reach the financial freedom finish line (and it should be!

), then just like any goal setting, one of the keys is having absolute clarity on what your end goal looks like. So, what does financial freedom look like Read on to discover the visual reality of financial freedom using this 5 minute formula! Damn, she sure is mighty pretty! Financial Freedom is thought of as the coveted holy grail of financial well-being and rightly so.major illness

Who wouldn’t want to be in a position to exercise the choice of being financially free enough to never have to work again to earn money Sounds good to me anyway! Now, if I asked you to quickly write down on the back of a napkin how much money you’d figure you’d need to be totally financially free, it would be fascinating to see what number you’d come up with. It’s actually a pretty tough exercise for most people to do with any level of accuracy. Not to worry, help is at hand with this 5 minute formula! In a previous article, we used this 5 minute formula to work out the exact sum of money you’d need to reach the first 3 destinations on the road to financial freedom ( 1. Financial Protection; 2.

home foreclosure

Financial Security and; 3. Financial Independence). Want more details on misconceptions? Here we’re going work out exactly how much money you’d need to reach the final 2 destination: Financial Freedom and then just for the hell of it, Absolute Financial Freedom. Here goes, hang on to your hat! Financial Freedom You will have achieved financial freedom when you have accumulated a sufficient critical mass of capital to provide enough income for you to live the lifestyle you desire (accounting for inflation) without ever having to work again for the rest of your life. The keyword here is ‘desire’. This is what differentiates financial freedom from its predecessor, financial independence, which is defined more by what you ‘require’ to live reasonably comfortably. In essence, Financial Freedom would include having and enjoying all the luxuries in life such as: – Second Home in the Sun ($700,000) – $3, 500/month – 35 Foot Boat ($150,000) – $1,500/month – Mercedes Benz ($100,000) – $1,000/month – 1 Luxury Holiday ($12,000)- $1,000/month – Harley Davidson ($20,000) – $400/month The additional monthly unearned income needed for these luxuries comes to $7,400/month i. $88,800/annum. Therefore the total cost of financial freedom is the $51, 600/annum figure needed to achieve Financial Independence (which we worked out in a previous article) PLUS an additional $88,800/annum = $140,400/annum Again, using the benchmark of an annual 8% return on investment would mean you’d therefore need a critical mass of capital amounting to $1, 755,000 in order to secure financial freedom. So, as you can see it’s a decent sum of money but I believe within the realms of possibility for anyone who sets about achieving it and re-thinking their approach to income generation and financial planning. Absolute Financial Freedom When you think absolute financial freedom, think total rock star lifestyle! You can pretty much remove any financial limitations and pick up your air guitar for this one! You will have achieved absolute financial freedom when you can pretty much do whatever you want, with whomever you want, as much as you want – without ever having to worry about money or work again. So, assuming we’d still like to keep everything we have/do from our financial freedom list, we now add all the new dream capital items we’d love to have that are not in our financial freedom list. For example: – 35-Yacht ($500,000) – $5, 000/month – Ferrari Testarossa ($250,000) – $2, 500/month – Piper Cherokee 140 or Cesna 172 Private Plane ($30,000) -$3000/month – Own desert island ($7,000,000) – $14,000/month Additional monthly unearned income needed for these dream luxury items comes to $21,800/month i. $261,600/annum.
home foreclosure

Therefore the total cost of absolute financial freedom is the $140, 400/annum needed to achieve Financial Freedom PLUS an additional $261,600/annum = $402,000/annum Again, using an annual 8% return on investment would mean you’d need a critical mass of capital amounting to $5, 025,000 in order to secure absolute financial freedom. So, by today’s standards it’s a very significant sum of money/capital. In order to have built up this level of personal wealth, you most likely will have become a noteworthy business owner and quite a sophisticated investor i. you’ll be a total money master! Conclusion So, there you have it! Financial Freedom and Absolute Financial Freedom defined in terms of an absolute sum of money required each year. So, now you know EXACTLY what it’s gonna take for you to eventually quit working for money and finally have money working for you; to escape the daily grind and retire to Margaritaville.should you want to! Check out my other articles on Personal Finance, Business and Wealth Creation tips to help you reach the financial freedom finish line.

Acne Skin Treatment – Cured By Maintaining Proper Cleanliness

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Acne is a commonly found skin disorder characterized by inflamed red lesions. Treatments for acne are done by evaluating the severity of acne condition.

Acne, medically termed as acneiform eruptions is a commonly found skin disorder characterized by inflamed red lesions. Blockage occurring in skin pores, over action of oil glands, inflammation and activity of normal skin bacteria are some among the main causes leading to the formation of acne on skin surface. Depending on severity, acne can be mainly divided into mild, moderate and severe. Treatments for acne troubles are done by evaluating the severity of acne condition. Mild acne troubles can be cured by maintaining proper cleanliness of skin surface. People suffering from mild acne troubles are advised to wash the affected area twice per day with warm water and soap. After cleaning skin surface, apply any clinically approved herbal anti acne cream on affected areas. It is recommended to use acne creams with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid for achieving best results. Active ingredients present in anti acne cream kills bacteria on epidermis. Now, let s see in detail versatile acne skin treatments done for curing acne troubles. Use of anti biotic cream is one of the best recommended remedies in acne skin treatment. Active ingredients present in cream eliminate excessive oil and bacteria present on skin surface.acne lesions It acts from inside out and helps in delivering a healthy glowing skin. Application of anti acne cream regulates moisture level and decreases the chance of occurrence of acne. While choosing anti acne creams from market, try to choose one made with herbal ingredients so as to reduce side effects. Make sure that all the ingredients added for the production of anti acne cream are 100% natural and free from harsh chemicals. Herbal ingredients added in cream are easily absorbed by skin cells and tissues. Use of cream promotes blood circulation and oxygenation of skin cells. It can be used by people of all ages and skin type. This hypoallergenic anti acne cream makes skin oil free and kills all harmful bacteria present on skin surface.

 elder adults

Presence of natural ingredients like sage extract and tea tree oil enhances skin tone and complexion. It also helps in controlling sebum, inflammation and dryness of skin. Intake of oral medicines is an important acne skin treatment suggested for those people suffering from acne troubles. It helps in producing immediate and persisting results for days. Consuming herbal oral medicines for acne problems supports immune system of body and prevents bacterial infection causing skin troubles. Improving blood circulation, promoting regeneration of cells and enhancing oxygenation of cells are other key benefits of consuming oral anti acne skin care medicines. As a part of acne skin care treatment, persons suffering from acne troubles are advised to avoid consumption of processed and canned foods. Try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and pollution. It is also advised to limit or cease the intake of alcohol. Drinking plenty of water is another natural remedy recommended in acne skin treatment. It helps in fighting against acne scars and makes skin healthy and glowing. Related Article about skincare treatments. Applying glycolic acid, nicomide, light therapy, sulfacetamide and salicylic acid are other best recommended acne skin care treatments.

Does The No Snore Pillow Work

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children food allergy
If you are someone who has a partner who snores loudly every night, then I’m sure you are tired of hearing his or her “serenades”. If that is the case, then you might want to take a look at some of the popular options to reduce or eliminate snoring. There are many solutions currently available on the market and one of them is the No Snore Pillow.

children food allergy

This pillow is different to a regular pillow in terms of shape, design and materials used, which may eventually help a sleeper to stop snoring. This is beneficial for both the snorer and the snorer’s partner who can now both experience a good night’s sleep.

low blood pressure

The SnoreEzzz No Snore Pillow This is one of the most sought-after pillows on the market and there are millions of people out there who are happy with how much it helped them sleep quietly at night.

It is designed to cradle the head, plus align and also elevate it so that constricted airways may be opened. It is also designed to raise your chin away from your chest which can help in situations where the snorer suffers from a collapsing soft palate. Not only is this pillow going to help you when it comes to reducing snoring, but it may also be helpful in reducing daytime fatigue, and you will feel more refreshed when you awake.

This pillow is FDA approved as an aid to reducing snoring, it is hypoallergenic and completely washable and is available in three sizes. Read this article about children food allergy. The Snoreless No Snore Pillow This pillow has been designed with a reinforced neck roll and it will support your head and neck in a position that will help with opening up your throat, so that the amount of air entering your airway will be increased. This pillow has been available for many years now and it has gained an enviable reputation in the market. The Snoreless pillow is comfortable to sleep on while providing ergonomically correct support. It can be used satisfactorily by both back and side sleepers and may be effective in treating mild cases of obstructive sleep apnea. Benefits Of A No Snore Pillow It is a fact is that a no snore pillow can be an efficient and affordable method of reducing or eliminating snoring in adults. These pillows are readily available and there are several reputable online suppliers. And the good news is that you won’t have to dig too deeply into your wallet when it comes to purchasing one. After trying one of these anti snoring pillows, you will not only reduce or stop your snoring, but your partner and your family will never have to again have to go through the nightmare of listening to you snoring. Last but not least, the no snore pillow is one of the most efficient ways for people to finally stop snoring and bring peace to their significant other during the night!